The following is a partial list of the most significant outlaws who were known to passed through Oklahoma City or the area around it in their careers or to have influenced others who did reside in the community.

  • Bill Dalton 1866-1894. Leader of the Dalton Gang made up of Bob, Grat and Emmett.
  • Bill Doolin, 1858-1896. Leader of the Doolin gang who sometimes teamed up to form the Dalton-Doolin Gang.
  • George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb
  • "Red" Buck Waightman
  • "Dynamite Dick" Clifton d. in Clifton, AZ
  • "Tulsa" Jack Blake
  • Roy "Arizona Tom" Dougherty
  • Bill Christian of the Christian Brothers Gang
  • Jessie Finley, hard riding female accomplice of the Christian's
  • Richard "Little Dick" West d. April 7, 1898, Kingfisher Co., OK
  • Elmer McCurty - 1911; most famous for his corpse that traveled side shows
  • Clyde Mattox, one time law man gone bad.   d. 1921, buried Fairfax Cemetery
  • Tom King aka Flora M. Quick Mundis
  • Dunn Brothers, whom Charles Colcord called the worst of them all.
  • Henry Starr, 1873-1921
  • Bell Starr, 1848-1889 her murder still unsolved
  • Dick Yeager aka Zip Wyatt, d 1895

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