Monday, November 16, 2015

"I Can Stop Anytime". A poem by Marilyn A. Hudson

I can Stop Any Time
A poem By Marilyn A. Hudson, 2015

I don’t really need that drink.
No matter what others may think.
Just pour me on to be kind.
Then another, if you wouldn’t mind.

I can walk away anytime from this bar!
There’s another one not very far.
I meet the most interesting sort
Sharing a beer, some whiskey or port.

I’m much bigger than any bottle;
But don’t let me linger, wait, and dawdle.
For I am a charmer, if  you loosen my tongue.
I’ve been to the wars and won every one!

I’m a master of my fate as I look in my glass.
Every problem, sorrow and sadness will pass
Leaving me bright, witty, and gay;
At least until the brink of day.

Hear me clear - I can stop anytime.
No, no mister - I don’t need your dime.
I ‘m ragged, rough and I’m tough!
But of this sweet poison there’s never enough…

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