Monday, October 26, 2015

The Prayer of a Soiled Dove. A Poem by Marilyn A. Hudson

The Prayer of A Soiled Dove
A Poem By Marilyn A. Hudson, 2015

How do you wash a soiled dove?
One who has lived a life that is fast?
Give her your heart’s deepest love;
Chase away the ghosts of her past.

Daily the tears are like rain.
Quit moments of reflection are few.
Tears tug and wear at the pain –
Revealing old scars and bruises like new.
When your plumage is tattered and torn,
The mistakes of your life come clear.
On your face, now wrinkled and worn,
The price of your high times is clear.

How do you wash a soiled dove?
Turn a blind eye to her frail past.
Like a sister, a mother or your true love –
Give her respect that will last.

Oceans of tears fall but the marks remain;
Stubborn stains of regret and bad moves.
Soft gray rain falls down on soiled doves;
But nothing fills those deep grooves.
Love alone erases the deepest of stains.

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