Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harlot's Lane (ca 1892-1920)

Big Anne's "Place 444", resided at the west end of the Lane (Kerr and Walker). It is now covered by the west end of the OKC Museum of Art. In 1903 it was managed by Effie Fisher who was murdered later than same year. Right before it was 422 believed to be one of the locations for the frequently moving Arlington Club. In 1900 Susie Fields was madam. The more often an establishment moved the more unseemly the business or bothersome the activity. In 1908, the Arlington had moved to 507 W. 2nd and was then closed permanently by court order.

Author-Researcher Marilyn A. Hudson, caught the street in a Sunday doze. At the far end near the last tree is the general area of 439 and the colorful, rowdy and diverse Noah's Ark.  The building was said to have been an eyesore that minimiced the shape of a wooden ark and was overseen by "Big Liz", a three hundred pound African-American whose clientele included many races.

Site of the wonderful garden cafe of the OKC Museum of Art; it is in the general area where one version of the "Vendome" did business at 406 W. 2nd as did an early vice incarnation of The Arlington Club. The Madame of the club was Mary McDonald and it was more of an assignation spot. It provided married people and couples a place to go for a little 'privacy' in their affair.

NE corner of Kerr and Hudson. The general area 409 W. 2nd and Etta Woods "Creole Girls" until WW1. At 413 was Nina Truelove until 1905 when she left town. In 1902 the address is associated with the Vendome as well.

General area of 431 W. 2nd and the Red Star, with Madam Brentlinger aka Jean LaMonte, supposed kin of the notorious Denver madam, Ada LaMonte.
See the working map under pages to see the addresses and locations of these houses. McRill's book And Satan Came Also was wrong in many details concerning the places and people of this area and the earlier Hell.  I have tried to uncover as much information as possible to correct some assumptions and mistakes.

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