Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The games most popular in the days of the wild west most would not recognize today and some come as a surprise.  The caricature is an endless round of poker but most authorities agree this was a late development and usually reserved to the professional gamer.

A popular game of the Civil War, Chuck-a-Luck continued as a favorite. Faro was more popular along with brag, three-card monte, and various dice games.

These additional games included billiards, darts, and bowling. 

Much later, and in a more tamed fashion than often shown by Hollywood, some saloons even included piano players, skits, and dancers.  By late nineteenth century, free lunches came to be offered.

File:"Orient Saloon at Bisbee, Arizona... Faro game in full blast. Recognized, Left to right-Tony Downs (standing with derby) - NARA - 530986.tif
Faro Game, Orient Saloon, Bisbee, AZ 1900. LOC.

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